Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Son, the Cat

Confession: I am a picture poacher. I visited my parents today and copied some pictures from their camera. For your viewing pleasure, some photographs of Peter from Halloween. It is possible that his costume was a clearance Old Navy snow suit from last year with a gray knee sock pinned to his rear end.


  1. That is very cute. We have yet to do any sort of costumes for the Little Tiger. I did however order a harness and leash today after TWICE having to make a mad dash and grab at a giggling child running toward traffic. I have enough gray hair, I didn't need what got added today.

  2. Thanks! My parents had a leash for my older brother. They like to reminisce about camping with him and tying his leash to the tree while they set up, because the site was next to a stream. My other brother and I, of course, love to tease him about it. :-)