Monday, November 28, 2011

Live Simply, Live Green

My Aunt Monica has recently sent me some great tips on recycling and eco-friendly cleaning. Enjoy!

  1. Styrofoam packing pellets can be bagged and given to UPS
  2. Metal hangers can be returned to several dry cleaners
  3. Recycle frying oil by straining it through a coffee filter
  4. Use a 50/50 vinegar & water solution spray to discourage ants (they hate vinegar)
  5. The same spray can be used as an air freshener!
  6. Use baking soda to clean marble, silver, copper, brass, carpets, drains, and more
  7. Salt is more abrasive than baking soda and can be used to scour mugs and other tough surfaces
  8. Prevent mold on cheese by wrapping it in a saltwater-moistened cloth before refrigerating
  9. A coffee filter at the bottom of a potted plant prevents the dirt from escaping
  10. Coffee filters are also useful as a sewing backing when embroidering a soft fabric
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