Thursday, November 17, 2011

Freeze-dried Clothes

We haven't used our dryer since September 19th. Usually I keep an eye on the forecast to take advantage of sunny days. If we have a long stretch of rain, I hang the clothes or diapers in the basement and just budget a full day for them to dry. We had a lovely sunny, windy day today. A bit cold, but overall good weather for the clothesline. Except I may have left them a bit too late tonight.


  1. Oops! With the sun going down so early these days, I am always leaving my clothes out too long. Luckily, we have no freezing temps / snow!

  2. Yeah, my husband has gone out in the dark a few times to bring the laundry in for me, but this mistake definitely took it to a whole new level. :-) Do you miss snow?