Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I spend FAR too much of my free time on Facebook. I don't play any games, but I skim through the blogs I follow, look at pictures of my family, and laugh at my cousin Paulo's status updates from Brazil. I would guess I spend a couple hours there over the course of a day.

Arguably, there are better (if less entertaining) things I could be doing with my time.

There are aspects of Facebook I dislike, for example, the inability to know if someone actually wants to connect with you. I have received friend requests from people who never interact with me, even if I post on their wall or send them a message. It appears they simply want to increase their "friends" list, not truly be friends.

About a month ago, I read through the entire list of friend suggestions Facebook provided. I sent message to probably twenty people (from a list of hundreds!), asking how life was treating them. I received no replies. I suspect that if I had sent a friend request, though, they would have accepted. Why do people add friends with whom they do not want a friendship?

For all its failings, though, Facebook has earned its place. It allows me to see pictures of my Goddaughters and share pictures of Peter with his adoring fans. Through Facebook, I have become closer friends with a few people who were simply acquaintances in college. I recently reconnected with my high school English teacher. He and his wife joined us for dinner last night. I suspect that never would have happened without Facebook.

My beautiful Goddaughters

What is your position on social networking sites?

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