Thursday, November 24, 2011

100 Things for which I am Thankful

Many thanks to Amanda Metro for issuing the challenge to list 100 things for which we are thankful.

1. Central heat
2. Chocolate chip cookies
3. The smell of coffee
4. Peter's giggles
5. Wind
6. The scent of hot pavement after rain

 7. Shoes that fit
8. A pet-free home
9. Lynn Kurland
10. Clean sheets
11. Nursing my son
12. Running
13. Washing machine
14. My health
15. Cinnamon graham crackers
16. Silence

17. Incense at Mass
18. Cloth diapers
19. My husband having a job
20. Health insurance
21. Baking
22. Our piano
23. The ability to feed anyone who visits us
24. Snow
25. Swimming

26. Hot showers
27. Big sweatshirts
28. Advice and laughter from Karra
29. Honest conversations
30. My marriage covenant
31. New notebooks
32. Photographs
33. Fresh bread
34. Ireland (yep. all of it.)
35. My anam cara
36. Singing
Pinocchio in the 6th grade talent show

37. Laughter during Sunday school
38. Public libraries
39. Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups
40. Radio
41. Clean laundry
42. Going to Taco Bell with my best friend

Don't know why people confused us in high school

43. Erie Canal path
44. Digital cameras
45. The Praising Aardvarks just being themselves
46. Tea with cream and sugar
47. Chocolate fudge
48. Peter's friends Lucy and Sammy
49. Birthstone earrings
50. Tiny footprints
51. Cuddling
52. Chocolate milk
53. Eucharist

54. Fleece blankets
55. Rain on a car roof
56. Horseback riding
57. Gina Jennison
58. Saying Gina Jennison's alliterative name
59. Aquinas Institute
60. My childhood

61. Chocolate brownie mix
62. Scrapbooks
63. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
64. Camping in a tent
65. Soccer

66. Baseball caps
67. Poetry
68. Cornell hockey games
69. Manhattan

Central Park

70. Hand-written notes
71. Summer's Best Two Weeks
72. Freshly cut grass
73. Grandma's hope chest
74. Clean water
75. Hot chocolate
76. Playing in ocean waves off the Monterey Peninsula
77. Climbing mountains in the Adirondaks
78. The Grand Canyon
79. Niagara Falls
80. Feel-good, happy ending movies
81. Peter's swing on the front tree
82. Footed pajamas

83. Choral harmony
84. Wise words from my elders
85. Having a priest on speed dial
86. Sunsets
87. The Abbey of the Genesee
88. Lots and lots of cousins
My baby cousin Justin

89. Shooting stars
90. Lily of the valley
91. Square dancing
92. Marrying into a great family

93. Peter relaxing completely in my arms
94. Clear nights
95. Baby carriers
96. The love I received from both of my Grandpas

97. Homegrown raspberries
98. Reconciliation
99. Blogging friends
100. Dark chocolate


  1. Great list, Cat!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    p.s. We had enchiladas for supper, in case you were wondering what Canadians do while you're eating turkey.

  2. Such a beautiful list! I love how packed with pictures it was too.

  3. Love your pictures and your list - especially all the chocolate mentions lol! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  4. The pics are awesome! Most of them I had never seen before. Your mother's long hair was stunning. Memories of long ago for me.
    We are richly blessed.

    Love, Aunt Monica

  5. Thanks for sharing! I am thankful for your blog!

    Laura :)

  6. @Patti: Not being a huge turkey fan, I'm a little envious of your dinner... :-)

    @Christy: Thank you!

    @Kelly: You noticed a trend? :-)

    @Aunt Monica: Thank you. We are blessed indeed.

    @Laura: Aw, thanks!

  7. 4, 42, 52 and 71 are the best... I am, however, mildly offended by #8.... ;b

  8. Why offended by number 8? You're not a pet, you can still come visit. :-D

  9. Ha, I noticed (and appreciated) the chocolate theme, too.

    And yes to hot showers and incense!

    I hope that you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  10. i didn't mention it before, but 42 is my personal favorite ;)

  11. @Rachael: Life would be a little less bright without chocolate... :-) And our Thanksgiving was great!

    @Becky: Gee, wonder why...

  12. Ahem, I didn't see 'teeth' on this list?!?? :)

    My mother lives very close to Cornell! Although she doesn't actually go there so much....I love Ithaca though. It's awesome :)

    Thank you for your wonderful words :)

  13. Amanda, you're going to make all my readers feel badly about themselves and their lack of teeth as awesome as mine. The point of the list is share our gratitude, not bask in our superiority. Sheesh.

    Thanks for a great Thanksgiving idea!

    Next time you're in Ithaca you should visit the Rochester area, too... :-)