Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Grocery Budget

We feed our family of three with $230/month (a slight increase since I last wrote about our budget, now that Peter is eating more). This includes vitamins, toiletries, and cleaners as well as food, but these are minimal purchases. Here's how we do it (organic food is italicized):

Breakfast ($12.72) 
V8 Fusion juice, orange juice, toasted cheese sandwiches, granola raisin cereal, soy milk

Lunch ($15.73) 
peanut butter sandwiches, 7 apples, 8 bananas, 7 oranges, 1 lb carrots, yogurt

Peter's Breakfast/Lunch/Snack ($7.96) 
eggs, yogurt, hard cheese, canned pears, applesauce, bananas, oranges, raisin bread, corn cereal

Dinner ($14.75) 
Sunday ($0): dinner with my parents!
Monday ($2.98): baked mac'n'cheese (cottage cheese, cheddar, half&half, butter, flour, spices), salad
Tuesday ($1.30): ziti with pasta sauce
Wednesday ($3.69): quesadillas (just cheese) with sour cream and salsa, salad
Thursday ($2.66): chili (tomato paste, canned beans, beef)
Friday ($1.30): ziti with pasta sauce
Saturday ($2.82): leftover chili or mac'n'cheese

Weekly Budget: $51.16

We also go to Taco Bell now and then. Shh!

We should probably eat more vegetables, but with carrots and salad both being .99/lb and our love for tomato products, we're not inclined to look for much else. Our one luxury dinner (salmon, brown rice, and canned vegetable for $8.60) is a treat that we have a couple times a month. We also go out to dinner once a month (for our "monthaversary"date), for which we budget $18 in addition to our grocery line.

In the interest of honesty, our parents spoil us. As noted, my parents host Sunday dinners. They also treat us to breakfast or lunch regularly and share some groceries with us (i.e. 1/3 of a 20lb bag of potatoes last month). My in-laws frequently treat us to dinner when they visit and always feed us when we visit them. All told, our parents probably save us an extra $20/month. Thank you!

Real Monthly Budget: $250


  1. To add veggies, we shop the frozen isle. Krogers here has 12 oz bags for 89 cents a bag. After fresh which is soooo expensive, frozen, No additives, is the healthiest. I thaw them in the microwave and add them to everything.

  2. @Ann: We'll have to look into that. I know it's important to introduce them early to Peter, so I'd enjoy an easy way to include them in meals.

    @Patti: Um, yes. :-)

  3. Ditto what Patti said: Wow. And I really was going to write that even before I saw her comment!

    THANK YOU for sharing your approach to food budgeting. It's INDESCRIBABLY helpful.