Monday, October 17, 2011

Prayer Request

I just had a very harrowing hour, culminating in the information that a dear friend and former camper of mine tried to end her life by overdosing and was taken to the hospital. She will be encouraged to stay overnight, but as a legal adult can check out whenever she chooses to do so.

Please pray for her, that God will comfort her and give her strength, that she will know the love and support of friends is genuine, and that she will have peace.

Please pray for her roommate, that she too will be comforted and know this was not her fault.

Please pray for the medical professionals, that they will have wisdom and understanding.

Finally, praise God with me for the excellent response time shown by the university police and first responders at University of Pittsburgh.

Thank you.


  1. Praying for this young woman tonight...

  2. Oh boy :( I just got goosebumps over my entire body. I'm so sorry to hear of this news, but I am glad the responders were alerted and took action. I'll be thinking of your friend that her heart would be comforted, and that she would be surrounded by people who are willing to listen to her. <3

  3. Thank you both. She is out of immediate danger, but will need a lot of strength and courage to decide what to do next.