Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truly? Today is only Tuesday?

Sunday was a soft bed, a sleeping baby, and a blank page to journal. It was the sacred beauty of Mass and the vibrancy of worship music. It was pizza, laughter, and games with my family. Sunday was beautiful.

Monday was two loads of clean laundry and a sink with no dishes. It was a long morning nap and a happy transition to wakefulness. It was an unexpected trip to Letchworth State Park. It was a two hour dinner that was only funny because we had good company with whom to commiserate about the atrocious service.

Monday night was the professional in me mobilizing the emergency response resources while I stood in shock. It was countless telephone calls and providing brief but immediate grief counseling to her roommate. Monday night was heartache and desperate prayers.

Today is Tuesday. I napped twice with Peter. The house is clean, youth group went very well (love those kids!), and Peter fell asleep easily. I am still in search of peace. I want to change the world and have difficulty accepting that I can only do so much. "In all things I do my best and then to God I leave the rest." 


  1. Sounds like a rough one. I really haven't much to say about accepting limitations since I've yet to get the hang of that. My current limitations are frustrating me and I would LOVE to know how to let it go and accept and be at peace.

    I'm praying for you!

  2. Thank you. That whole "peace to accept the things I cannot change" thing is tough.