Monday, October 3, 2011


I am reading...The Urban Homestead. I got it from our local library and have enjoyed it. The authors provide a number of excellent resources and easy ways to get started. The writing style is engaging and practical. I'm not sure I'm any closer to taking the plunge, but I'm getting more confident that there are things I can actually do.

I am praying for... hope. A good friend of mine is struggling with issues of sexuality, depression, and too many commitments. A family I know is trying to keep faith despite tension being high at home. A young man came into church last week simply looking for answers. I pray for them and for all in need of hope.

My favorite seasonal food is... apple cider. A friend of mine bought a gallon for us at a local apple festival. It tastes even better knowing that we're supporting local agriculture!

Pies from the Hilton Apple Festival. Yum!

I am planning... Sunday school lessons. I love being a teacher and creating engaging ways to share my faith. I met my class yesterday; they are fantastic. This coming weekend we're talking about peace and justice and tying it in to Respect Life Month. Heavy topics for eight-year-old kids!

I was recently surprised by... how long it takes for clothes to air dry in the basement. My parents not infrequently hang jeans to dry in their basement over the winter and it never takes more than a day. I realized the problem is the current weather. It's too cold and wet to hang clothes outside, but not cold enough that the furnace is running regularly. Bummer.


  1. Ooh, I hate this type of weather for trying to dry clothes! In the spring, I basically had diapers hanging up all the time, and would just pick off the dry (or driest!) one when I needed one. But other than that, I love fall--apple cider and apple festivals sound heavenly!

  2. I liked what you said the other day about urban homesteading. It made me wonder if I am on that path? I'm not sure. Anyway, it was thought provoking.

    So here's an idea: how about if you plan to come visit me next summer and we'll do canning together? (I'm kind of good at it. And you'll see how easy and fun it is.) You'll be hooked!

  3. @Amy: "Driest" made me laugh. Been there!

    @Patti: Yeah, we're not even urban, but the stuff geared for urban homesteaders seems more doable than the hardcore off-the-grid suggestions. That sounds like an EXCELLENT idea. When do you can?