Monday, October 24, 2011

Music for My Toddler

My in-laws, like all good grandparents, dote on their grandson. This past weekend, they wanted to play some music for him to keep him happy, so they pulled out some Disney cds. He was not impressed. He whined a little and got very clingy until they turned it off.

My husband suggested jazz, which amused his parents, but they were willing to humor him. As we listened to a compilation of 1920s jazz, Peter smiled, climbed off my lap, and began to dance. He loves Louis Armstrong, in particular.

He also likes to play drums.

We've had similar experiences at home. He is ambivalent about most children's music and adamantly opposed to some of it, but generally enjoys anything we like. He and I dance around to reggae, Irish folk, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. He loves his African party cd from Putumayo. Since early infancy, Mahler's 8th symphony has soothed him, until the soprano starts her part. He doesn't like her.

Shaping his music tastes has been at least somewhat intentional. There is so much good music available that it seemed a waste of time to help him acquire a taste for music that includes sound effects. We do have a few cds meant for children, all of which were gifts. I think I like them more than he does.

The notable exceptions are our four Rockabye Baby cds (Queen, U2, The Beatles, and Radiohead). All three of us really enjoy these. We frequently play them during long car trips to persuade Peter to take a nap. My husband is also hoping that repeated exposure to the Radiohead cd will increase my appreciation of their regular music. We'll see.

What music do your children enjoy? Is it music you also enjoy?

I have received no compensation from Rockabye Baby. My opinions are my own.


  1. david will dance to pretty much anything with a beat. he's recently started to "sing along" with the radio when we are going somewhere in the car. we have a couple sandra boynton CDs for him which all 3 of us love. you should check out her stuff if you haven't already. we have philadelphia chickens and blue moo and really want to get rhinoceros tap. we have a pandora station that we listen to based off her songs. david also really loves oldies, classic rock, 80s and from his reaction to listening to them perform on the Today Show on friday, cold play! oh, and country, he likes country, too. like i said, pretty much everything. he actually takes dance breaks in the middle of nursing if he hears a song he wants to dance to!

  2. Aw, so cute! We have a Sandra Boynton book, Pajama Time, that Peter really enjoys. I wasn't aware that she did music also. We'll have to check it out; thanks for the recommendation!