Monday, October 10, 2011

Intentional Relationships

As part of a series of posts about intentional living, I submit the following questions to ask yourself about relationships in your life.

Communication: Do I value honesty in myself and others? Am I able to express myself clearly without attacking those who disagree? Am I comfortable truly listening to others, or do I try to keep my distance through small talk, humor, or sarcasm? Do I try to replace "quality time" with "quantity time"?

Anger: Are there relationships that have been damaged because of anger? Am I able to forgive those who have hurt me? Have I asked for forgiveness from others, rather than assuming they know I am sorry? Do I acknowledge my own fault in a situation, even if both of us have caused injury? Do I encourage others to get revenge or counsel peacemaking? How do I understand the balance of mercy and justice?

The Internet: What percentage of my personal interactions happen via the internet? Do I take time to visit, call, or write a letter? Do I use the anonymity afforded by the internet to insult others or say hurtful things I would not say in person? Have I allowed the internet to reduce friendships to "liking" people's statuses and tagging them in photos? How do I use the internet constructively?

Affection: Do my loved ones know they are important to me? How do I show affection to my friends and family? How has my community supported me? Have I returned this support? Am I able to accept affection, praise, and gratitude from others? What is my comfort level for showing affection?