Thursday, October 6, 2011

Intentional Living Checklist

As intentional parents, we look critically at our child-rearing practices to ensure we are making informed choices rather than simply following the crowd. We don't just want to do whatever is easiest, we want to do what is best. Are we being intentional in other areas of our lives?

Stop and think!

I know I am not good at policing myself. I need something like an examination of conscience to help me look critically at my life and evaluate where I should be more intentional.

Clothing: Do I wear what is comfortable? Do I choose to keep only things that make me feel good about myself? Do my clothes match my image of myself? Am I aware of the message sent by outfits I wear? Do I have clothes/jewelry/shoes that never see the light of day?

Do I share excess wealth (clothes, money, food) with those less fortunate? Can I easily find what I want, or does clutter cost me time? Can I name what is in each drawer/box/closet, or are items lost within my house? Do I keep items out of guilt or because others' will think it odd that I don't have X? Have I determined wants vs. needs for my life and that of my family?

Food: Do I eat enough fruits and vegetables during a week? Do I typically snack on healthy foods? How often do I eat out? How much meat do I eat in a week? Does the amount of food I eat match my activity level? Do I eat what I enjoy, what I should eat, or have I found recipes that accomplish both? Do I know where my food is produced and what is in it?

Green Living: Have I considered the costs vs. benefits of buying organic (food, clothes, toiletries, etc.)? Do I walk, bike, carpool or use public transit when available? Am I careful to conserve water? Do I use CFLs, a programmable thermostat, a clothesline, and other means to save electricity? Do I recycle everything I can? Do I sell or donate used items rather than throwing them away? Am I willing to be weird?

Money: Do I know how much money I spend? Can I pay off my credit card each month? Am I able to save money each month against a potential future emergency? Do I spend money to keep up appearances on things that do not bring my joy? Do I judge others whose financial priorities are not the same as mine? Do I demonstrate that I value people over things?

Self-image: Am I healthy? Do I exercise responsibly (neither too much nor too little)? If not, what barriers discourage me? Do I incorporate exercise into my daily routine? Am I maintaining my ideal body weight or striving for an unhealthy image promoted in the media? Do I wear make-up because I enjoy it or because I feel unattractive without it?

Coming up: Faith, Time, Relationships, Spending (which is related to Money, but distinct) and Civic Duty.


  1. Thank you! Great list of things to keep in mind for living intentionally. I think this is one to print out so I can reassess my direction periodically.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment. :-)