Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Best Toys

Peter has some very educational toys and absolutely adorable stuffed animals that he loves. I'm not writing about those. I want to tell you about the cheap, re-purposed toys that he loves (in addition to his kitchen toys).

1. Large sherbet container. Someone brought this to a party, filled with sherbet. It now holds a place of honor as Peter's drum. The drumsticks are a gift from a friend of ours who hopes to inspire Peter to be a drummer like his daddy and her.

Rocking out is exhausting.

2. Pampers box. When a friend gifted us with a complete set of cloth diapers, she delivered them in this box. Peter loves it. It is smooth on the bottom and very sturdy, making it an ideal dog stroller. Peter loves to put his stuffed animals in the box and push it in circles around the house.

3. Basket with handle. Purchased for $.75 at a garage sale (including blocks), this has recently become a favorite toy because you can put things in it AND take them back out! Wow! Shoe boxes are fun for the same reason.

4. Old yarn. While I was crocheting, Peter wanted his own yarn. I gave him a ball that had been rewound too many times and is completely stretched out. The joy! It's a ball, it makes a satisfying mess, and he can wind it around his fingers.

5. Wooden spoon. I honestly can't tell you why he loves this one so much, but it is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to his face, even if he's actively upset. It's a game for me, too, as I have to search the house any time I need to use it. :-)


  1. My daughter loves to play with the toilet paper rolls and coasters. Whatever floats her boat and keeps her happy!

  2. A cupboard full of containers and lids could keep my youngest occupied for HOURS! Thanks for linking to Your Green Resource!

  3. When Grandparents send gifts through the mail I always say mine love the box more than the toys. Great suggestions here!

  4. @Good Girl Gone Green: Yeah, Peter likes those, too, especially if we are willing to spin them for him!

    @Andrea: We have some lids we keep in the kitchen. Well, try to keep in the kitchen. They have a tendency to wander the house and sneak up on me, jumping into my path at the worst moment. :-)

    @Katie: So true! Thanks for stopping by!