Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 Ways to Stay Warm

Our thermostat is set to 66 during the day and 55 at night. Keeping the house cool saves us money and reduces the amount of carbon we use. It also gives our friends and relatives a reason to tease us. :-) We're comfortable with our decision, though, and confident that turning down the heat is good for us. We've also developed a number of ways to stay warm.

Wear socks. Although most of our house is carpeted, I've still found socks to be invaluable for keeping warm. Unfortunately, Peter is strongly opposed to wearing anything on his feet, so his toes get a little chilly. He doesn't appear to care.

Wash the dishes. OK, my husband has yet to find the appeal of this, but I've found a tub of hot, soapy dishwater can feel fantastic when I'm cold!

Peter agrees.

Use blankets. We have quite a few fleece blankets around, all of which are meant to be used. They also add a bit of color to a room and were very inexpensive. "Blanket" might be overstating it; they are simply large pieces of fleece I bought on sale. I didn't even bind the edges.

Be active. It's amazing how warm 66 can feel after dancing with Peter or carrying laundry upstairs. And any chore keeps you warmer if you are baby-wearing!

Drink hot beverages. I prefer tea, my husband drinks hot chocolate. Peter likes breastmilk. Whatever suits your fancy, heat it up and enjoy holding a cup of warmth.

Keep a robe handy. Getting out of bed when the house is cold can be awful. My husband keeps his robe a few feet from the end of the bed. I do too, but I usually use a baggy sweatshirt instead, especially when traipsing the halls at night for another nursing session.

Go to bed on time. Our thermostat is set to drop at 10:30PM, which discourages dawdling. It is currently 10:44. Good night!


  1. Great ways to stay warm in the winter. We have lots of blankets around to keep us warm, tea, cocoa, soups. Well I think you read the list didn't you?

  2. I need to follow that last one more closely most nights! And your "blankets" are a great idea; I might look for some fleece when I go to the shops tomorrow.

  3. @Lisa: I did indeed. Excellent post!

    @Amy: Yeah, I've had them for 5+ years with no visible fraying. I am pretty lazy, so this is a perfect solution for me. :-)