Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am reading...Why Go to Church?, which I borrowed from my Dad. I would rate it as good but not great. The writing style is pleasant but not particularly engaging. The subject matter is good, explaining why attending church is an important part of our spiritual growth and necessary to belong to the Body of Christ.

I am praying for... expectant and new mothers and their little ones. Two of my cousins had babies over the summer and another three are due before the end of the year. Add in my recent assumption that I was pregnant and I have babies on the brain. It has made praying the Joyful Mysteries that much more real to me. (On the topic of Rosaries, I recently found Momma's Heart Rosaries on Etsy. They are adorable. If they cost less, I would definitely buy some for my entire Sunday School class!)

My favorite seasonal food is... tomato and cucumber salad. I didn't know this was my favorite food until a friend suggested I make it for a potluck to use my abundance of tomatoes. It's ridiculously easy. Cut up cucumbers. Cut up tomatoes. Put fresh basil on top. Serve with Italian dressing. Delicious!

I am planning... an initial meeting for a faith-sharing group to be hosted in our home. My husband will be leading a Bible study for about ten of our friends. We haven't really decided what the format will be, as we want this group to be collaborative rather than the two of us dictating the experience. It will include prayer, Scripture, food, and fun. That's all that is definite so far.

I was recently surprised by... a great price on the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing for my best friend's wedding in January. It was on sale at David's Bridal for $140, which is still a lot of money (more than four months of my entertainment budget). I decided to check on eBay, since I've sold a bridesmaid dress there, and found an unaltered dress - right size, right style - for $40! Hooray!

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