Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Socks, Greentopia, and Goats

The Sock Give of 2011 is off to a good start. We've had a $20 cash donation (equivalent to 16 pairs of socks) from Canastota, NY and a shipment of 22 pairs of socks from The Colony, TX. We're more than 12% of the way to our goal!  Please continue to spread the word and share the socks!

My husband and I volunteered at Greentopia this past weekend. I enjoyed the opportunity to spread awareness of green living, meet interesting people, and learn more about local vendors who are working to keep our planet healthy. Peter enjoyed helping us choose what to buy, looking at cars, playing with rocks and drinking from a real cup with his Papa.

Test-driving a fuel-efficient Ford Fiesta.

The city plans on landscaping this entire bridge as a "raised park."

We took Peter to our local humane society, which has a free petting area. He seemed to enjoy petting the goats and seeing other farm animals. We also looked at the dogs, but they were a little scary when they barked! (For anyone who read Monday's post, we decided not to get a dog. We'll probably increase our grocery budget slightly and dedicate the rest to building up our emergency fund.)

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