Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sock Give of 2011

Everyone loves a giveaway. How about just a give?

My mom volunteers twice a week at a clothing ministry (Matthew's Closet) in downtown Rochester, NY. It is a thrift store open to the public, but people with a referral (from a pastor, doctor, social worker, teacher -- anyone who can vouch for financial hardship) can come and pick out clothes once a month for themselves and their families.

Matthew's Closet is run primarily by volunteers and relies on donations of used clothing, household items, and money to continue to serve the urban poor. Usually, they have a steady supply of used clothing. However, there are some items that they give out new and are available only to referrals: socks and underwear.

Winter is approaching and Matthew's Closet is already almost out of socks. Will you help?

Mail me new socks.

Men's, women's and children's socks of all sizes! Fuzzy socks, dress socks, knee socks, wool socks. Any socks!

My goal is 306 pairs of socks. That is two pair from every email subscriber, GFC follower, and Facebook fan. (I realize some of you follow me in multiple ways. Guess you need to buy more socks!) :-D

a pile of socks
Image credit: Flickr

I am reluctant to put my address up here, but my mom has graciously agreed that I can publish hers. So, mail your new socks to:

Liana's Mom
207 Elmcroft Rd.
Rochester, NY 14609

I will tally the socks as they come in and let you know how close we are to our goal. Maybe those of you with Facebook and blogs of your own can spread the word. Let's get warm socks on every person who needs them! Will the Sock Give of 2011 go viral? Who knows?

Knock my socks off!


  1. I shared this every way I could. And look out for a blog post to be upcoming on this.

  2. Liana,
    If anyone would rather send a check, made out to "Matthew's Closet" they can designate on the memo line 'socks' or even "socks-men" "socks-women" or "socks-children" and the money will be spent only for that. To keep in the spirit of counting how many times people "sock it to you" we could figure on one pair of socks = $2.50. Some sweat socks will cost less, others will cost more. ALL MONEY WILL BE SPENT ONLY ON SOCKS FOR OUR REFERRAL CLIENTS! Also, if anyone would like a receipt for tax purposes no matter what amount is given, they can enclose a SASE and I'll send a receipt. Just so you can appreciate what a wonderful thing you are doing -Matthew's Closet gets referrals from over 120 agencies! While we do get some used socks , it seems to be something that people wear until they become golf socks - that is they've got a hole-in-one [groan] I am really looking forward to being "socked" and I wish all of your friends could see the joy that these socks will bring. God bless all those who give!! Mom

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