Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pee-Pee Teepee Review

Shortly after Peter was born, my husband's aunt sent us some baby gifts. Among these, bought purely to entertain, was a pack of five Pee-Pee Teepees. Thankfully, she just wanted to amuse us so we didn't have to pretend that these were actually useful.

They are funny, in a toilet humor sort of way.
They come in a variety of patterns.
They can be ordered in a flannel "laundry" bag instead of cellophane wrapping.
They are washable and reusable.

They don't work.

I mean, that's the only downside, but it's a big one. The idea is that you perch this little terrycloth cone over your son's penis during a diaper change to avoid any misfires. If you visit the company's website, you'll see a photo of a little boy lying quite calmly and well-covered. I don't know about your sons, but the only time Peter lay motionless during a diaper change was when he was asleep.

Hooray! Diaper changes!

As soon as the baby kicks or wriggles, off goes the teepee.

Then you have to dive after the teepee, while holding one hand on the wriggly baby. Pee-pee teepees being rather round in shape, they have a tendency to roll. So you balance on one leg, stretching the other as far as you can to try to herd the teepee back toward you using your toe. During this entire procedure, you are at the whim of your son, who is free as a bird because you didn't bring anything to cover him, trusting in your pee-pee teepee. It's just not good.

Bottom line: If you like entertainment, buy them! You'll amuse the recipient upon opening the gift and amuse yourself while you watch your friend/relative try to actually use one.

Not surprisingly, my opinions are my own. I have not received any reimbursement from Beba Bean.


  1. I remember seeing these in Motherhood and being tempted to buy them. Glad I didn't waste the money!

  2. I've visited the Pee-Pee Teepee link that you have provided, the product seems to be useful for babies.

  3. Have you actually used one, though? I'd love to hear how someone else has been successful using one, since we still have our 5 and don't know what to do with them.

  4. My husband just bought these last week to use on our newborn and they do not work. Babies are constantly moving so they keep flaking off. So instead I have just used a wipe to cover his peepee which works better....