Saturday, September 24, 2011

Live Simply, Live Green

This month's five ways to make our planet and ourselves happier.

Remove paper labels from cans and bottles before recycling so the paper can be recycled, too. Do your part to save one million trees!

When shipping items, use the U.S. Postal Service. Their trucks will be going to your destination with or without a package, while other shipping companies will make an extra trip, emitting more carbon.

Line dry your clothes year-round. If you have space, give this a try. We have lines strung across our basement, which I have pledged to use this winter. Clothes take longer to dry, requiring me to plan ahead a bit, but I think it's worth it!

I use the hangers my bras came on to hold nursing pads.

Check your monitor's brightness. Dimming your display brightness will save energy and may be a bit softer on your eyes, too. Using a dark desktop image/phone background has a similar effect.

Reuse gift bags and tissue paper. We always smooth out the tissue paper and refold any gift bags we use at Christmas and birthdays. Most tissue paper is going to be bunched up again anyway, so why not reuse it? Even better than recycling and a money saver, too!

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