Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Want to Be Perfect

  1. I want to bring no new plastic into our home.
  2. I want to buy only organic food and have a variety of healthy meals every week.
  3. I want to be an awesome Sunday school teacher and youth group leader.
  4. I want to always respond with compassion and patience to Peter's needs.
  5. I want to write compelling blog entries six days a week.
  6. I want to lovingly support my husband and reduce stress in his life.
  7. I want to make homemade gifts (that people will actually like) out of things in my house.
  8. I want to finish the book I'm writing.
  9. I want to go beyond my comfort zone and learn new things.
  10. I want to give more time to my friends instead of fluffy Facebook interactions.
I am feeling a bit discouraged because I'm not accomplishing all of those things. They're all good things. They all seem possible. But so many times when evening comes and Peter is in bed, I just want to read status updates and eat chocolate. I guess this is why my blog is called Working to be Worthy instead of Already Perfect.

College, when I had time and my friends lived within 1 mile of me.


  1. mmmmmm Chocolate! And I KNOW the feeling.

    You are so great and this post is so wonderful. A lot of them match up to my current wishes as well.

    I'm currently **failing** at responding with compassion and ESPECIALLY patience to C. Argh. Must. Work. On. That.

    You're inspiring...


  2. Hugs! One can only do so much. Keep on keeping on that's what is most important. :)

  3. You are perfect! Authenticity IS perfection, because only you can be perfect at being you.

    I have been away from my blog for a while, inspite of my desire to write more often rather than less. Sometimes life just gets in the way of writing. And sometimes I have so many topics that I want to write about that my brain is too muddled to sort it all out.

    Freedom and Joy to you, Cat!

  4. I can so relate. Sometimes its just easier to sit in front of FB and check out of real life for awhile.

  5. @KB: Thanks for commiserating. One of my elementary school teachers used to have a poster of a monk praying aloud, "God, grant me patience... NOW!" :-)

    @Photographing Mom: Thanks for the encouragement!

    @Patti: You remind me of one of my favorite quotes. My 10th grade English teacher said, "The path of the hero is not to be perfect, but to be perfectly you." Thanks for the reminder and support!

    @Megan: For the record, I think you are due a little checking out of reality at this point in time. Hope Jairden continues to get better every day. Praying for you all!