Thursday, September 1, 2011

Right Symptoms, Wrong Problem

In the past month, I've been tired, had bouts of an upset stomach, and lost a little weight. Pregnant, right? (I lost weight with Peter in the first month.) Wrong, according to the pregnancy test I took on Sunday. I decided to watch what I was eating for two weeks and, if symptoms were still present, take another test. If it was also negative, I would visit the doctor.

By Tuesday evening, all was well.

The problem? I wasn't eating enough food! Since he began solids at 6 months, Peter has eaten what we eat. Exactly what we eat. Usually portions of my meal directly from my plate onto his high chair tray. Hm, yes, you see the problem now. As he's continued to grow, I've increased the amount of food I feed him, but neglected to increase my overall portion! He also still nurses frequently, so he's taking a good amount of calories from me there, too.

Feed me, Mommy!

I feel pretty silly for not noticing this, but it crept up so slowly! I was in the habit of napping when he napped from his early infancy. Now that he's gotten into a fairly regular pattern of two naps per day, I've been sleeping during his morning nap. It just didn't strike me as odd that I would want to nap even after getting eight hours of sleep overnight. It wasn't until I found myself sleeping during both naps that I thought something might be amiss. The upset stomach (which developed in the past few weeks) was often solved by a light snack, but that goes along with pregnancy symptoms, too.

This one is from when I actually was pregnant.

Tracking what food I was eating made my realize I wasn't eating much. After two days of full-sized adult meals, I was back on track and didn't take any naps! (Yesterday, I took two naps again, but that's because Peter has been gassy and very fussy overnight, resulting in about 5 hours of sleep for me. Any helpful hints?)


  1. How funny! Glad you got to the bottom of it. :)

  2. Yeah, me too. I'd rather feel a little ridiculous than actually have something be wrong!

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for the book suggestion (Your Labor of Love). I requested it right away on Paperback Swap and just got it today. So excited to read it!

  4. OH, good grief, Chickadee!
    Come on over and I'll feed you till you burst!

    Maybe you want to have a second helping of mashed potatoes once in a while....

  5. the gassy could be from something that one of you is eating. take a look at what you each have been eating and see if you can figure out something that may have been different before the gas started. try cutting it out temp and see how he does. but i seem to remember that you guys have a pretty consistent meal plan, but i guess intolerances can develop over time. i hope he feels better (and sleeps better) soon!

  6. @Mandi: You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for the shout-out in your 7 Quick Takes post!

    @Patti: *looks sheepish* As one of my friends said, "Life lesson learned: EAT." Nothing an outlaw omelet can't fix, I'm sure. :-)

    @Donna: It seems to have cleared up on its own. Maybe he just wanted to make sure I was paying attention to him still. ;-)