Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eating Dinner as a Family

This week is Crazy Week at our house. One or both of us has something scheduled every night of the week, making it difficult to a) eat dinner together and b) keep Peter on a sleep routine. For the record, his average time to fall asleep this week so far is 40 minutes, which is higher than I want it to be, but getting better!

Eating dinner together is important to us. In my ideal world, this would be a leisurely affair filled with intellectual conversation, but life doesn't always cooperate. Tonight, for example, we ate in about 5 minutes and mainly discussed when to put Peter to bed. Still, we ate together. Being able to do so requires some flexibility.

1. I made dinner. I rarely make dinner, since I don't like cooking and my husband does. However, to give him some time to play with Peter, I cooked. I burned it. Sigh.

2. We changed routine. I set the table while the quesadillas were frying so my husband could have maximum time with his son and not have to do dinner prep. We also skipped reading Peter a Bible story, which we usually do at the beginning of dinner.

3. We left dishes on the table. Usually we clear the table together, rinse the dishes, and wipe down Peter's high chair. Tonight, everything was left on the table until after my husband left and I had some time to get back to it.

4. I didn't heat my vegetables. OK, this has nothing to do with the time crunch. I'm mostly including this to amuse my husband. I often eat canned vegetables and almost never heat them because I think the slight improvement in taste isn't worth the time it takes to put them in the microwave. :-)

My event this evening was attending the first meeting of the junior high youth group, which was an ice cream social. I'm going to be a team leader. I told my husband I felt like I was in middle school again. Everyone knew each other already and I didn't want to seem weird and ask to sit with an existing group. "You're a youth group leader. It's your job to be weird." Thanks, dear! :-)


  1. We always try to eat dinner together as well. That is one of the reasons Gus has such a late bedtime--Jon doesn't get home till after 7, and I want us to be able to eat as a family.

    I meant to comment the other day, but I think your new sleep routine sounds really good. I hope Peter thinks it is good as well--40 minutes sounds like an improvement anyway!

    And lolol about #4 :)

  2. It's such a great tradition/routine to have. So important to keep time to see each other face-to-face!

    It seems to be working fairly well... Tonight he was asleep in 10 minutes, but that's because he missed his afternoon nap and then stayed up late because we had company. Maybe I should try this more often! :-)