Monday, September 12, 2011

Craving Control

I love schedules. I have calendars and notebooks and to do lists in various places around our house so I can feel organized and in control. Generally speaking, it works. I know where things are, where we're going, and what needs to get done.

Today, not so much.

I ordered an item from eBay, which arrived on Friday. Unfortunately, it did not arrive here. It arrived at my husband's old apartment in Buffalo, where he lived five years ago, because I didn't check the shipping address when I paid. This morning I called the post office, who were friendly and polite but could only confirm that they had delivered it. Then my husband called the apartment office. They were neither friendly nor polite and said they absolutely would NOT try to call the tenant.

This afternoon, I got an email from our pastoral associate at church. Good news: We have a faith formation coordinator! Bad news: Classes (scheduled to start this Sunday) will be delayed a few weeks to give her time to learn the system. I, being the control-freak that I am, already had my curriculum set and the outlines of my lesson plans planned around the liturgical seasons. Now everything needs to be adjusted and I still don't know the new start date.

Peter decided today that he did not like my new go-to-sleep plan. Or rather, that he liked it but he would still like an hour to fall asleep for each nap and at bedtime.

So at 7:00 tonight, I had a lost package, a curriculum in need of an overhaul, and a drowsy little boy who wouldn't go to sleep, even though Mommy had scheduled 7:00 as sleep time. What a frustrated Mommy.

Tentatively, I said a prayer of surrender. Those prayers are scary. I cannot truthfully pray that I do surrender, but rather that I want to surrender. I want to place my cares in His hands.

Can't stay frustrated with a boy this cute!

Now, an hour later, I have a blissfully sleeping son. Also, my cousin called to say she was able to stop by the apartment, pick up my package, and will mail it to me on Wednesday. Hooray!

God is good.

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  1. OK, Cat. This is where I go all "I'm-an-over-the-hill-mother-of-4-kids" on you. I apologize in advance.

    When I was the mother of one little 1yo, I thought that scheduling sleep was the way to do it. After all, I was the mother and I knew how much sleep my baby needed, right? I spent hours and hours and hours of my life (at that time) 'trapped' in a bedroom with a not-sleeping 1-year-old, frustrated and annoyed and stressed.

    NOW, I let my 1yo show me when he is tired. In the day, he naps usually once, anytime between 11am and 2pm. It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing. If he's ready, he'll fall asleep. In the evening, I give him a bath at around 7:30pm. Then I go in the bedroom to nurse him. If he's tired he'll fall asleep right away. If not, he'll leap off the bed (sort of) and play (empty the cupboards, look at his books, crawl through the chairs under the table....) and when he's ready he wanders in to the bedroom and falls asleep INSTANTLY. No fuss, no stress.

    I know, I know. It's radical. But I'd rather have the memories of this time in his life without the annoyance of trying to put him to bed when he clearly isn't ready.

    Feel free to email me about your frustrations if you want. I've been there. I get it. Really. I'm sympathetic. (I'm not trying to tell you what to do. Just offering a different perspective.)