Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Toronto and Plaid Pants

A brief trip down memory lane... Rochester, for a very brief time, had a fast ferry that crossed Lake Ontario and docked at Toronto. This was not a well-planned idea. Many dumb mistakes were made, not the least of which being that no one seemed to realize that, although we Rochesterians love to visit Toronto, no one over there was particularly excited about visiting us. After losing a lot of money, the city finally sold the ferry.

My dad suspected the ferry was not going to last long, so he and I took a trip one weekend to have the experience before it disappeared. Here are just a few photos of that trip.

Here we go!

Windy on the deck!

Near the dock in Toronto

I am sure you noticed my very stylish, well-fitting, spring-colored capris. I loved those pants. My husband, however, politely asked while we were dating that I never wear them around him again. J So sadly, they were donated before the wedding. I can only hope someone is taking excellent care of them.


  1. So in case you are ever planning a road trip and you need a destination, you are welcome to stay with me in Toronto ANY TIME! I mean, how much fun would that be? Seriously, I mean it.

    Your little Peter is good traveller, right?

    Yes, I would love to host you! How about this fall for a few days? Wouldn't you love to meet my chickens? I mean, my children?

    And I promise I'll find you a new pair of plaid pants while you're here. :-)

  2. Ooh, that would be fun! I promise not to tell the authorities about your outlaw chickens. :-) I'll have to figure out free dates at some point and either get an enhanced driver's license or use my passport from 2005 and pretend my name hasn't changed. :-)

  3. Outlaw chickens? That sounds fun...

    Be sure to stop by our place too if you do update that passport! ;) They don't let you use your driver's license anymore lol...

  4. Yeah, she's a rebel. :-)
    I'll let you know if a trip works out! (And we can't use our regular driver's licenses, but if you pay extra you can get an "enhanced" license that is good for visiting Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, I think.)