Friday, August 5, 2011


I am reading... I Can Sign! Playtime (Baby Signs). This should tell you three things: Peter is getting better at expressing his preferences; we are still going strong using ASL with him; and I have not read anything of substance in the past month. J
I Can Sign! Playtime (Baby Signs)

I am praying for... my new Sunday school class! I recently found out that I will be teaching third grade again in the fall (yay!) and have been tweaking my lesson plans from last year. I am excited to have a new group of kids and am praying for them and their families. As a teacher, I can only do so much. Families make all the difference.

My favorite seasonal food is... blueberries with vanilla yogurt. I could eat this multiple times each day, but I usually limit myself to once a day. Peter loves this, too, but he is limited to only 10 blueberries per day in an effort to not stain all of his diapers.

I am planning... my first blog giveaway! I will be writing the post over the weekend, reviewing a product I enjoy and offering a prize from that company. Check back here at 9AM EDT for your chance to win!

I was recently surprised by... positive feedback from some of my former campers. They read about my pain upon hearing about Francis and wrote to tell me I had made a difference in their lives. I had assumed these kids had come to camp already being strong Christians and was surprised to hear that my faith had made a difference in their lives. You never know how God is using you.

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