Saturday, August 27, 2011

Entering the Sabbath

Today was Saturday. I made breakfast for my Dad, went to the mall, put Peter down for a nap, spent time with my husband, and went through a flurry of preparations to drive to Pennsylvania for a wedding. The wedding was beautiful (congratulations Sam and Mara!). We left the reception a bit early because Peter was tired and talked about serious matters most of the way home. A good, satisfying day, but a long day for one who recharges in the moments of silence and solitude.

Peter woke as we pulled in the driveway and began sobbing as my husband took him out of the car, wanting nothing more than to be comfortable and asleep again. I took him up to bed and sat nursing him back to sleep. In the silence. In the peaceful communion of me and my sweet, holy child. In the sacred moment.

Come, Holy Spirit.

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