Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Calendar of Saints Around the World

One way our family will celebrate our faith is by observing feast days of various saints. I made a calendar a few months ago and decided to start celebrating these feasts once Peter was at least a year old. I know he is still too young to understand, but I hope as he grows he will appreciate learning about his faith and cultures around the world through the lives of these holy men and women. I have also included Church solemnities and feasts. Movable observances do not have a date.

This calendar does not include all the "famous" saints. Instead, I created it to have a mixture of men and women and to highlight many cultures, with an emphasis on those in our family's heritage (Irish, German, Dutch, Alsatian). I encourage you to find saints who share your heritage if you adopt this calendar for your family.

St. Peter, first Pope

1/1       Solemnity of Mary
1/4       Elizabeth Ann Seton [USA]
1/6       Epiphany
            Baptism of the Lord
1/25     Conversion of St. Paul

2/1       Brigid [Ireland]
2/2       Presentation of the Lord
2/6       Martyrs of Japan/Paul Miki [Japan]
2/8       Josephine Bakhita [Sudan]
2/22     Chair of St. Peter

3/3       Katharine Drexel [USA]
3/14     Matilda of Saxony [Germany]
3/17     Patrick [Ireland]
3/19     Joseph, husband of Mary
3/25     The Annunciation

4/25     Mark the Evangelist

            Divine Mercy Sunday
            Holy Trinity
            Body & Blood of Christ
            Sacred Heart of Jesus

5/3       Philip & James, Apostles
5/10     Father Damien [Belgium, USA]
5/14     Matthias, Apostle
5/31     The Visitation

6/5       Boniface [Germany]
6/22     John Fisher [England] (patron of our diocese)
6/24     Birth of John the Baptist
6/29     Peter & Paul, Apostles (Peter's patron!)

7/3       Thomas, Apostle
7/14     Kateri Tekakwitha [Native American]
7/18     Arnulf of Metz [Alsace-Lorraine]
7/21     Abrogast of Strasbourg [Alsace-Lorraine]
7/25     James, Apostle
7/28     Alphonsa [India]

8/6       The Transfiguration
8/8       Mary MacKillop [Australia]
8/10     Lawrence
8/11     Clare [Italy]
8/15     Assumption
8/24     Bartholomew, Apostle
8/27     Monica [North Africa]
8/28     Moses the Black [Egypt]

9/8       Birth of Mary
9/14     Triumph of the Holy Cross
9/20     Andrew Kim Taegon [Korea]
9/21     Matthew, Apostle, Evangelist
9/23     Padre Pio [Italy]
9/29     Michael, Raphael, Gabriel
9/30     Jerome (my husband's patron saint)

10/1     Therese of the Child Jesus [France] (my patron saint)
10/2     Guardian Angels (our parish feast day)
10/4     Francis of Assisi [Italy]
10/18   Luke, Evangelist
10/28   Simon & Jude, Apostles

11/1     All Saints Day
11/2     All Souls Day
11/9     Dedication of Lateran basilica
11/16   Margaret of Scotland [Scotland]
11/24   Martyrs of Vietnam [Vietnam]
            Christ the King
11/30   Andrew, Apostle

12/3     Francis Xavier [Spain] (Peter's patron saint)
12/6     Nicholas [Netherlands]
12/8     Immaculate Conception
12/12   Our Lady of Guadalupe [Mexico]
12/13   Lucy [Scandinavia]
12/25   Nativity
12/26   Stephen
12/27   John, Apostle, Evangelist
12/28   Holy Innocents
            Holy Family

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