Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Makes a Happy Baby

"He's so happy! Is he always this happy?"

I hear that a lot. Peter has been at summer camp for 8+ hours/day with me for the past two days and taken only a short mid-day nap. Even in this, though, he stays happy and friendly. I have three theories as to why:

1. I pray for him. My ongoing prayer for this baby of mine is that he be holy, happy, and healthy. Thank You, Father.

2. I nurse him. When he has reached the end of his rope and collapses into a whiny pile on the floor, he is restored in less than a minute by nursing. He's then ready to face the world again.

3. He wears cloth diapers. OK, this one isn't my theory, it's from my friend's younger brother. We gave him a ride home today and he was impressed with Peter's diaper. "That's a serious diaper. What kind is it?" "Cloth. And it's adjustable, so it should fit him until he's toilet trained." "Wow. Looks cool. And it's probably more comfortable, too. Maybe that's why he's so happy!"

Hey, you never know.


  1. i think that there is something to the cloth diaper thing, too! occasionally we have to put david in disposables (minor diaper rash - have tons of desitin and i can't see spending money on CD safe stuff for the rare occasion that rash occurs. the disposables are cheaper) and i think there is a difference in his mood. i sure know that i wouldn't want to walk around in paper underwear!

  2. My children are ages 7, 5.5, 3.5 and 1yr. ALWAYS I get comments about how happy and easygoing my children are.

    And yes, there is a secret to happy children!

    Their needs are always met. It's that simple.

    Would Peter be happy if you left him for 8+ hours with a sitter he barely knew, without nursing, without familiarity? Of course not. He is happy because he has everything he needs all the time: comfort, security, familiarity, attention.

    Cat, you are one awesome Mommy and when you hear from others about how happy your son is, you can know that you are truly making the world a better place.

    Much love to you. ((hugs))

  3. @Donna: Good call about the paper underwear. :-)

    @Patti: That makes sense; adults are happy when their needs are met, too! Thanks for the encouragement.