Monday, July 4, 2011

Spider-Man is Patriotic, Right?

Wearing his red, white, and blue. (The crib, if you're wondering, is a storage area for things he shouldn't touch.)


  1. So cute : ) And, yes, Spiderman is very patriotic!

  2. Super Cute!

    Our crib was use for laundry until we sidecar-ed it to our bed so that everyone had more room, lol.

    And, for whatever wacky reason, google will not let me sign in with my account

    Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias

  3. @Patti: Thanks! I think I'll keep him. ;-)

    @Panda: Good, because that's the only red white and blue he owns. :-)

    @Megan: Oh google... Once he moves out of our room, we'll use the mattress as a floor bed, but at this point it's such a convenient way to keep things out of reach!