Monday, July 11, 2011

Origami and Buttons

My best friend directs a Christian sports camp (Summer's Best Two Weeks) and asked me to run crafts this year. Today was my first day. It was great! Even though I started with the oldest boys squad (entering 8th grade), they were attentive and completed the craft. For each activity, campers can earn Small, Big, or Super achievements. The Small achievement for craft was to sketch three button designs, color one, and mount it in the reusable buttons. Here are the ones I made for Peter and me.

As non-coaching staff, I am not part of the Roman or Galatian team.
But Peter has a definite allegiance to his mom's former team.

When this group returns for the second session of craft, we will be doing origami. I found Everything Origami on an excellent sale at Borders and have been practicing a variety of designs. I have decided that to earn a Big achievement, they need to complete a simple design (cup, 'talker', swan, etc.) and can ask for help. To earn a Super achievement, they need to complete a more complex design with no assistance. Some of these are shown below.

Tato, or paper purse
This is the most difficult one I folded.

If you think the lid is too small for the box, you're correct.
I was just trying to see if I could do them, regardless of scale.

A lunch bag! Just the right size for ten raisins!

This has been a lot of fun for me. When I decided to do origami as the craft, I had never done anything other than a newspaper hat. I have learned a lot doing this and hope the kids are challenged as well. I like that this is an inexpensive craft, has a variety of difficulties, and if they don't want to keep it, can easily be recycled! :-)

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