Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Sunday Surf

Sundays, as I've mentioned, are a day of rest for me. I don't even write blog posts. Saturday evening is fair game, though! I've been bookmarking quite a few good articles recently, so I decided to share. I hope you enjoy some of these!

Green Living
* Eating less meat is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and often save some money on groceries as well. However, planning vegetarian meals can seem overwhelming. Here are 14 great recipes that even I can make!
* While we're talking about frugal, healthy eating, check out Amanda's pantry list at Let's Take the Metro.
* If you're looking for more ways to go green, consider a compost pile (I Didn't Know That Was Compostable!) or reducing the amount of plastic you purchase (Plastic-Free Living Guide).

Toys and Play
* Little ones make messes. Did you ever think of encouraging them to do just that? Acacia has a great list of items to include in a sensory bin and a link to the importance of messy play.
* Parents want good toys for their kids. Here are a couple good posts suggesting quality natural toys and how to keep the toy collection from getting out of control.

Catholic Parenting
* Like many parents, I struggle to maintain an active prayer life. But without God, how can I live out my vocation? Check out this review of A Plan of Life at Quicksilver to Gold. It is packed with great suggestions for busy parents!
* Have you been looking for a Catholic perspective on breastfeeding in public? Here it is! Very well-written with lots of encouragement for breastfeeding moms.
* Alright, this one isn't actually a parenting website. But it is geared for Catholic young adults, has regularly updated content, and is managed by a good friend of mine. Go visit!


  1. I am thrilled somebody liked something I wrote. Thank you!

    I love free stuff and there are quite a few short booklets on pdf for free at Scepter.

    I should review a few more of them.

  2. @Amanda: Food for thought -- my husband always says TMNT sounds like Mad Libs gone horribly wrong. :-)

    @Ann: Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to go check out Scepter some time soon.