Monday, July 18, 2011

First Ice Cream, I Guess

We took Peter to our local ice cream shop tonight for his first cone. They offer free baby cones, which is nice, especially since he wasn't particularly excited about his little vanilla cone. Or Mommy's chocolate cone. Or any ice cream at all. He was willing to try it, but after the initial shock, refused to eat any. His friend L, whose birthday is coming up this weekend, had no such qualms!

More please, Mommy! (L can also sign)

OK Mommy, I will try this, but only because you seem to like it.

Noooo! Not good! Take it away!

Mommy, when I finish mine, can I eat Peter's?

We did at least get some quality play time together. Sadly, the pictures of them exchanging hugs and kisses didn't turn out, but trust me, they were adorable. It's so much fun to see them together as they figure out that the other is a person and not just a large toy.

This window is just our size!

Finally, it was time to go home. L had a present in her daddy's car for Peter. He was SUPER excited to have a new swing! We hope to hang it from our front tree in the near future. Thank you!

Yay! Present for me!


  1. That is hilarious! What a cutie pie. :D

    Happy birthday!!

  2. Yeah, apparently he didn't inherit my sweet tooth. I'll pass your birthday wishes along to him! ;-)

  3. don't give up on ice cream just yet! it took david a couple tries before the cold didn't bother him. we haven't tried an actual cone yet, though - just by spoon. i'll have to try a cone with him soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER! you may not have liked your ice cream, but you looked cute in your bright yellow diaper :o)

  4. Thanks, Donna! He appreciates the compliment. :-)