Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeding Problems

I've been a concession vendor all day. In my own home. "Do you want banana? Try some yogurt! Mmm, apples, you love apples. Mommy has a bean for you. Here, eat some bread."

Peter has decided recently that he is not particularly interested in food anymore. It started with him rejecting food he had previously enjoyed and filling up on breast milk. Now he'll eat about one teaspoon of something, then signs "all done" and wants to get down and play. And he's not nursing for very long either, except at bedtime and when he wakes up at night.

This is not my ideal situation.

We plan to move him down the hall into his room by the end of the month. He had started eating lots of healthy solids and was nursing only to fall asleep and when he was upset. It seemed reasonable that he was on his way to night-weaning himself. Once he even slept through one of his usual three nightly nursing sessions! Not anymore.

By the time we got to dinner time, he had only eaten 1/3 of a banana, 1 tsp of yogurt, and about 1 tbsp of an apple. He had also been fussy all day, which made me think perhaps he was teething. I even offered him a frozen fruit bar, but he was unimpressed. I was simultaneously frustrated and concerned. He's rather small, only 2%ile in weight (after being born ~50%ile); I just wanted him to eat something and reassure me.

For dinner, we had one of Peter's favorite foods: salmon. And my tiny little boy ate 3oz of salmon, 1/2 a pear, 1/2 slice of bread, and even tried the rice (then decided it was more fun to smear it around his tray). Phew! He was happy the rest of the night and fell to sleep with no tears. Silly Mommy...

Why so worried, Mommy? I always eat!

More, more!


  1. He will go through phases - David has done the same thing. He also changes his preferences on self feeding and being spoon fed. There was a point in time where he REFUSED a spoon - so i searched out finger foods that would be good for him - then, he was more interested in being fed than doing the feeding, so back to spoon fed meals. now he'll gladly accept either. He is also sometimes picky about the texture of his food. And sometimes, if he's really diggin' on a particular food, especially since he still nurses, I just go with it. Last night for dinner, he preferred the couscous to the sauteed zucchini and chicken, so he had mostly couscous for dinner followed by some applesauce (always a hit) with a little yogurt mixed in to make sure he got a little extra protein and calcium. Sometimes I think that they know that changing up their eating habits drives mommy crazy!

  2. Oh babies - why do you change your habits on us so much? Don't you know how much your mommies worry about you??

    (I think I just heard a snicker...) ;)

    My bean already changes her eating habits all the time at 10 months and keeps me guessing...hopefully we'll all continue to get that reasurrance in the end - though I doubt it will stop the worrying... :)

  3. Lately the only way I can feed my kid at all is on the go. He won't sit in the high chair for any length of time ... he just starts throwing food and then trying to climb out. What he really wants is to sit in the big people chairs -- but then he's at eye level with the table. Ah, well, whatever works to get food into a toddler! I hear one-year-olds are the worst eaters there are. My mom still wonders how my older brother kept soul and body together when he was one. He pretty much subsisted on milk and raisins.

    I guess calorie needs are much lower at this age; that's what they say.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. I read all of your responses at the same time, and even though I had already convinced myself that he was fine, I felt myself relax as I read these. It is such a comfort to hear from other moms and know that this is normal!