Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer Review

I suspect no diapering accessory is as widely debated as a diaper sprayer. For the uninitiated, let me explain what this is. A diaper sprayer (made by companies such as Fuzzi Bunz, Knickernappies and bumGenius) is a mini hand-held shower head that attaches to your toilet. It is used to spray poopy diapers rather than dunking them to remove solids. We bought the bumGenius sprayer from our local cloth diaper shop when Peter was about a month old and have been using it ever since.

  • The bumGenius model has a lever to adjust the pressure, which reduces water spraying off the diaper in all directions.
  • It was easy to mount and required no trips to the hardware store! A plumbing first for this family.
  • The sprayer has been able to remove even the stickiest poop.
  • Much more time efficient than dunking.
  • Takes up very little room.
As with many things, I appreciate it so much more when we are somewhere without it!

Besides, the chrome goes so nicely with our 70s-style mint green bathroom! Sigh.

  • As mentioned above, it reduces back-spray. If the poop is particularly stubborn, there will be back-spray. Yes, you keep the nozzle pointed down and the diaper below the rim of the toilet, but it still happens.
  • The hose is not permanently connected to the nozzle. Every few uses, we need to push the hose back up to keep a tight seal, or it leaks.
  • It's a bit pricey, running $40 to $50 from most retailers.
  • (added 11/1/12) Not long-lasting. The interior of the nozzle rusted through after about two years. It's still usable, but not nearly as convenient.
Those are really my only complaints. I'm not sure if being leaky is specific to the bumGenius model, but I am certain you will get some back-spray no matter what type you own. If the water hits a wrinkle at the wrong angle, you may need to clean the bathroom floor.

Bottom line: A good investment. If you're diapering on a budget, I don't consider this a "must-have," but if you've got the money it is a great help.

(Some reviews I've read suggest that it can double as a bidet, but spraying myself with cold water is not my idea of enjoyable hygiene!)


  1. we have a bumgenius diaper sprayer, too. the first time david had a non-EBF poo i was like, ok, we are getting a diaper sprayer! so we did - but we have the same leaky problem with ours. i've said "we" a bunch here, and most of those really mean "ryan" since he is the one that sprays almost all of the diapers. yet another reason why i love him!

  2. Way to go, Ryan! :-) My mom said the first time cleaning any water off the floor would be the last time she'd use the sprayer, but I think a little back-spray is MUCH less gross than trying to get sticky poop off by dunking/flushing.

  3. I loved our bg diaper sprayer, while it lasted. We had leaking from the get go where the lever meets the piping. Unfortunately a few days ago our lever broke right off (metal inside split) and we had a flood in our bathroom until I turned off the water source. I am really disappointed and am going to check with the company to see if this has happened before or if I was just unlucky. Ah well, it was nice not dunking while it lasted!

    1. Oh no! We haven't had leaking there, so hopefully our floor will stay dry. Or as dry as is reasonable, considering a toddler takes a bath in there every night... :-)

  4. We use the bumgenius diaper sprayer- Could not live without this invention!