Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beginning the Floor Bed Transition

Earlier this week, my husband finished baby-proofing Peter's room (for his current ability, at least) by anchoring his shelves to the wall. Today, I disassembled his crib and put away the plastic bags and other hazards I'd been storing in there to keep them out of his reach.

This afternoon, he had his first nap on his floor bed.

His floor bed is just the crib mattress on the floor.

It went well. I sang his lullabies and nursed him to sleep, then eased myself away. And he stayed there, sound asleep. He slept for a couple hours then woke up and played by himself for about five minutes before calling me. Our little guy is getting bigger.

Tonight, we'll see how he does sleeping in there all night. Details to follow.


  1. Yay for Peter! And what a cutie! :)

    We tried this with Bean a few months ago but I think it was too early. Hopefully the next time we try it will work better!

    Also just had to tell you that the new header is awesome! :)

  2. Thanks! Last night went well, he only woke at his usual times (11:30, 4:30, 6:30) and nursed back to sleep fairly easily. He also stayed on his mattress when he woke each time, which I thought was a little funny, since he was free to crawl. He had a harder time going down tonight, but I think he was gassy.

    For good advice on how another mom made it work, check out Sheila's comment here:

  3. We did it like that too, but with a full size futon on the floor to make it much more comfortable for Mommy! I didn't *try* to night-wean, but I think that just being away from me at night made my baby nurse less often.

    Of course, that was just for the first baby. After that I just let them sleep wherever they wanted!

  4. What did Jeremy use to anchor the shelves (I'm assuming that you mean something bookcase like) to the walls? We have two large bookcases (one in David's room and one in the living room) that need to be anchored - especially because he's starting to experiment with climbing (so far just onto furniture, like the couch and recliner) and we're not sure what the best option would be. i think we will probably anchor his dresser, too, since he knows how to open the drawers (and pull clothes out!) and i don't want him to try to climb that, either!

  5. @Patti: I dunno, I think side-nursing on a crib mattress is just preparing me for my future as a contortionist. ;-)

    @Donna: He attached two pieces of 2x4 lumber to the wall where the studs are, then put screws through the back wall of the shelves into those. You could skip the lumber and just drill into the studs, but we have an outlet back there that we still wanted to use.