Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby's First Camping Trip

We went camping with my family over the holiday weekend and had a great time. Peter loves being outside, so tent camping may be his favorite way to spend vacation. He slept well and was rarely cranky. Of course, he also had eight adults and two kids catering to his every need, so I'm sure that helped!

Whetstone Gulf State Park

We brought cloth diapers and set up a changing station in our car by folding down one of the seats. This kept him clean and contained while we changed him and made sure that no animals would get into the dirties. We left a water bottle there, too, to moisten the washcloths we use as wipes. The only challenge was rinsing off solids that didn't shake off. This campground is also equipped for trailers, so at one point my husband decided to just use the hose provided for cleaning trailer sewage tanks. It worked quite well.

Drink your water, Peter!

The weather was beautiful (minus the thunderstorm one night), which meant an increased risk of dehydration. Aside from nursing whenever Peter showed interest and offering his sippy cup of water at regular intervals, I also brought along canned pear halves. He enjoyed the sweetness and got some needed fluids. Next time we camp, I think I will make some applesauce ahead of time for the same reason.

Hiker extraordinaire 

The park includes a gorge, which features a 5 mile trail around the top. I was exhausted when we finished, but definitely enjoyed the hike. My brother (whom my aunt calls Sherpa) carried Peter in our backpack carrier the entire way, including climbing over trees that blocked the trail. Thank you, Keith!

Uncle Keith (who also provided these photos)

All in all, it was a great trip. Maybe we'll do another one in the fall!


  1. This looks like such fun...I am so looking forward to taking baby camping! It just hasn't worked out time-wise and financially for us yet...but I am thinking seriously about just setting up the tent in the back yard. :)

    Love that you took cloth diapers with you - and appreciate the input on hydration and so forth - good to know! :)

  2. Glad I could help! We definitely did a few back yard camp-outs when I was a kid... great memories. Hope your first camp-out is a success, however it happens!