Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why I Read Blogs

I am "following" about 50 blogs through Blogger, get a few delivered to my inbox daily, and read updates on Facebook from a handful more. I probably spend an hour each day reading posts that catch my interest, maybe more. Why? I've never met these people and probably never will. The blogs I read generally fall into three categories.

These blogs are usually written by a team of authors and regularly feature fact-driven articles. These are the sites that first got me interested in reading blogs. They may share data about allowing babies to "cry it out", tips to avoid common breastfeeding problems, what's happening in the Irish trad music scene, or examples of crafts to do at home. Reading these blogs is like subscribing to a magazine, but free!

Some of the blogs I read are just funny. They are full of the humor to be found in daily life, if we are just able to laugh at ourselves. These blogs have their share of serious topics, but generally leave me with a smile on my face.
Come again?
This category is the most difficult to manage. There are SO MANY good blogs out there about moms (and dads) choosing to raise their families with values similar to mine. I want to read all of them, but beyond a certain point, it becomes confusing and fails to provide community. (Wait, is that the one about Gus or Burkley?) At this point, there are about ten blogs I read on a regular basis. I connect with these authors and they frequently leave comments for me. I know my husband and I are somewhat counter-cultural in our parenting decisions, so reading these blogs is a support system, a reminder that not everyone thinks we're crazy! (Aside from the two linked above, this group includes Sheila, Dulce, Patti, Amanda, Amyables, Lisa, Megan, and recently Dweej!)

Happy reading!


  1. Aww...thank you so much! I am also very happy to be part of your community. :)

    We have many of the same reasons for reading blogs (and enjoy many of the same bloggers!) - I'm always thankful that it's still possible to fulfill some of that need for mama community even when not surrounded by real life friends and family...