Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Thoughts and Photographs

1) We donated a pair of captain's chairs to our church's annual "New to You Sale." The family room looks more spacious and has fewer horizontal surfaces to lure clutter. Hooray!

2) My husband and I each had a salad tonight. Very strange for us, but it was lettuce we grew in our own garden! The garden is progressing well, everything is still alive and appears untouched by local critters.

3) Peter is standing alone more and more frequently. He seems quite surprised whenever he finds himself doing it and sits down abruptly. It's pretty funny.

4) God is generous when we are faithful. The pro-life ministry at our church continues to receive just enough donations to make it through another week. (We give away new car seats and pack-n-plays to expectant mothers in need.) Let me know if you want to make a donation or, if you're local, volunteer.

5) Peter and I will be meeting up with a little girl and her mommy (whom we met at story time) tomorrow morning. We're making friends!

6) My cell phone and laptop are finally talking to each other. It took some tricky negotiation, but I can finally access all the photos I've been taking! The quality is not great, but here are some of the winners from the past few months:

12 days old

Next baby model

Yay! Story time!

Good morning, Mommy!

It's possible that I did that to his hair on purpose.

Usually llama stays home, but he's allowed out on long car trips.


  1. Glad you and Peter have a play date! If I a) lived in the same state b) was married with a child we would totally have play dates :) I have so many fond memories of us going to the library or walking to wilson farms for an ice cream. What a great pal you were to grow up with, and what a remarkable mommy you've turned into. :)

  2. Thank you! You and John come up in stories periodically and I still describe you as "my friend down the street" even though that hasn't been true for quite some time. Let me know the next time you're in the area and maybe we can have a grown-up play date! :-)