Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photo and Drawing Summary of Our Day

Today was a beautiful day, sunny with a high around 80F. This morning, my Dad came over and had French toast with us (the only interesting breakfast I make) and played with Peter until morning nap time.
Sunshine! In upstate New York!

When Peter woke, we went over to church for their annual "New to You Sale" and picked up some inexpensive presents, some original edition Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, and two watermelon pocket diapers by Starbunz. The diapers (w/o inserts) were .50 each. Seriously.
They're even adjustable.

We bought lunch at church to support the youth group and Peter successfully drank from a regular water bottle for the first time!
Only a few drops spilled. I was very impressed.

We visited my brother and his family, taking Peter for a swim in their pool. He loved it and was upset when we took him out, even though he was starting to shiver by that point.
Sad boy with cold, purple lips.

He fell asleep on the way home. My husband and I had some quality time together while Peter slept, then tackled our list of chores for the day.

We weeded and mulched the garden, which is doing well except for the cucumber plants. It appears that at most two out of five will live. Also, I got a few loads of laundry done and hung them to dry. Clean laundry smells so good!
Poor cucumber plants.

The three of us ate mulberries from our neighbors' tree and more of our own lettuce with dinner, feeling very healthy. :-) Dinner was salmon and rice. Weirdly, some of the grains were overcooked while others were still crunchy. Any ideas?
A rather confused me.

We put Peter to bed (bath, stories, prayer, nursing), then I gave my husband a haircut. If he didn't care about my opinion, he would shave his head and have a goatee. I like him to have at least a little hair and be clean-shaven. For Father's Day, though, I said he could have his goatee. :-)
His preferred look, from college days


  1. My cucumber aren't doing well either! Must be a bad year for the cukes. :-(

  2. Bummer. At least that means it's probably not my fault. :-)