Thursday, June 2, 2011


My husband was in the office today, so he didn't get to see much of Peter until after dinner. Following some good advice, though, we've pushed Peter's bedtime a bit later, so they still had time to play between dinner and bath time. I love watching them together, especially as Peter gets older and actually wants to play. With a demonstration from his Daddy, Peter stacked two blocks today! He learns so much, so quickly. He is learning from the best.

In addition to a full-time job, my husband changes about 1/2 of the poopy diapers, does most of the yard work, snow-blows our driveway, does basic car maintenance, attends most of Peter's doctor appointments, vacuums the house, and cleans up as necessary.
"Things, like a walk in the park..."

I suppose you could say that those things are just part of being a good father and husband, but there's more. He does things for me that he thinks are silly, just because it makes me happy. He squishes spiders and ants for me (they crunch. super gross.). He puts the napkin back in the napkin ring after dinner. He calls to make appointments for me (have I mentioned that I hate talking on the phone to strangers?). He mixes the lemonade with a wooden spoon. He rinses out my cup before filling it with water (I don't like my water to look cloudy, even if it tastes the same).
On our honeymoon in Arizona

And tonight? Peter (whose middle initial is X) left me a message made from his alphabet magnets:

I think he had some help. :-)


  1. it is so wonderful to watch a good husband become a good daddy! glad that you (and peter) are so blessed with a wonderful husband (and daddy) to spend your time with! (i, too have a poopy diaper changer and bug squisher - among other things!)

  2. We really should get our amazing families together some day. :-)