Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Wait Until...

I wrote this when Peter was almost two months old and posted it on Facebook. I'm reposting it because 1) I think you'll enjoy it and 2) I don't have much time today. :-)

Peter at 2 months with one of our friends
I love that they have the same expression :-)

For a culture that supposedly values children, we have an exceedingly negative outlook on their lives. I have already started hearing “just wait” statements. These are from experienced parents (usually), who presumably want me to be prepared for the drudgery ahead. I am not sure why they feel the need to warn me.

Until he starts teething
… so we can soothe him, cuddle with him, and see those first few teeth emerge in his adorable smile?

Until he starts crawling
… so we can explore with him and notice new details about our house we had ignored?

Until he is eating solid food
… so we can enjoy introducing him to new tastes and textures and get the “first ice cream” picture?

Until he starts talking
… so we can rejoice that his frustration level drops as he learns to communicate? teach him new words and ideas? share all the funny things he says?

Until he starts walking
… so he can play in the yard? walk around to say hi to people at church? come down the hall to see us in our room in the morning for a hug?

Until he throws a tantrum
… so we can work with him to learn how to communicate? teach him about fairness? help him learn about wants and needs?

Until you have more than one to deal with
… so they can play and grow together? learn about family? show love in action?

Until toilet training
… so he can become more independent? feel a sense of accomplishment? so we can practice patience?

Until he starts arguing
… so we can see him mature? teach him about compromise and living in community? so he can improve his language, reasoning skills, and empathy?

Until you have to drive him everywhere
… so we can have time to talk with him? meet his friends? learn about his interests? be there to cheer him on in whatever activities he chooses?

Until he is a teenager
… so he can discuss ideas and theory with us? increase in maturity with new responsibilities? learn to drive (one of the last things we can teach him)?

Until you start paying college tuition
… so we can give him a springboard into his future?

We are in no hurry to push him into any of these stages, but we are confident that parenthood will be a positive adventure. There will be struggles and days when we want to shut him in his room for the next week, but he is our son. We are his parents. His birth did not begin a 20-year sentence that we have to tolerate until we are finally able to get rid of him. “A child is a gift from God,” I've been told. Amen!

My little nursling, how time flies.
Ten months now and going strong!


  1. I love this! Sure, different stages will have new challenges, but I love the positive outlook you have for them.

  2. This is a MARVELOUS post about the joys of all those stages our babies go through. I have loved every stage and with my first I cried like a baby each time I realized the baby had moved on to a new stage and the previous wonderful stage was over--a bittersweet joy because I love each stage, I love what was and mourn its passing and I love the next for the joys it brings and will mourn that stage passing in its turn. Thank you for bringing these wonderful things to my mind this morning.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by!