Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Haircut and Kitchen Toys

sweaty little boy

baby curls
I'm finger-spelling the alphabet in that one to keep him from turning around to look at the camera. Since he was tiny, he has found finger-spelling to be fascinating. It's one of my strategies to keep him quiet for short periods of time, too (like during the consecration at Mass).

there go the curls!
OK, that picture was actually taken after, not during. But I cut his hair in our basement and my husband was busy restraining Peter so he wouldn't grab the scissors or jerk his head at the wrong time. So no pictures from during the actual procedure. :-)

yes, he does have a minor black eye
he face-planted onto my knee yesterday

a nice shot of his kitchen toys
and also the haircut
The toys, if you're wondering, are mostly cardboard boxes. He also has two cardboard egg cartons, a tin can with no sharp edges (that we're filling with interesting lids), a few empty plastic containers, a juice bottle with kidney beans and corn kernels (nice visual contrast!), and a McDonald's chocolate milk jug with corn kernels that is just the right size for him to hold and shake.


  1. Love the toys. My son used to amuse himself with a bowl, a wooden spoon and some potatoes. My husband would joke that he was going to give said "toys" to our son for Christmas with the the relatives.

  2. Haha, we've talked about just wrapping up some existing toys for his birthday this summer. He's not going to care, after all! If only it wouldn't draw disapproving looks from the relatives. ;-)

  3. Man, I've got to do something like that for kitchen toys. It's such a struggle keeping the baby out of the kitchen stuff -- especially the trash can!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one whose son wants to be a garbage worker. :-) We had to put safety latches on that cupboard.