Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Salad of my Life

We have our first little green tomatoes and first pea pod visible! The pepper plants are flowering, the lettuce continues to thrive, the onions are maintaining the status quo and the cucumbers... well, they're not dead.

Pictures courtesy of my neighbor

Unfortunately, the weeds are still thriving, too. Thankfully, they are mostly clover, which is extremely easy to uproot as long as I keep the soil moist. I got about a quarter of the garden weeded this morning, while Peter cheered me on from the other side of the fence.

Still fighting a minor diaper rash
We have had a lot of success with our romaine lettuce. In fact, I used it in the salad I made for my Godfather's birthday! I topped it with mulberries from our neighbors' tree and feta cheese. The combination of the strong almost-bitter lettuce flavor, faint sweetness of the berries, and salty cheese was absolutely amazing. I feel very accomplished. I didn't even need to add dressing!

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