Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's Your Sign?

On my way back from an errand at church today, I saw a neighbor in the same place he had been 30 minutes earlier: sitting in his motorized wheelchair, looking ready to cross the street but not moving. I've never spoken with this fellow (he lives a few streets away), but I've seen him puttering around in his chair. I was a little concerned, so I stopped the car and called out to him.
"Is everything OK?"
"Everything is wonderful! I'm sitting here, enjoying a beautiful day! Thank you for stopping, though. Thank you for asking!"
"You're welcome! Enjoy the weather."
"I will! It is a wonderful day!"

What a gift! And if that didn't make you smile, this will. Attached to the front of his wheelchair was this sign:

Labels can be useful in some situations, but they certainly can never capture the essence of a human being!

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