Saturday, May 21, 2011

Too many compliments

We took Peter for a well-child visit recently. At his six month check-up, his weight was 5%ile, height was 9%ile, and head circumference was 66%ile. At this check-up, the spread has gotten worse: 2%ile weight, 15%ile height, and 86%ile head circumference! The only thing I can figure is that too many compliments are making his head swell. :-)

On the topic of check-ups, I want to say that our pediatrician is awesome. She was willing to wait 20 minutes once to give him a shot so I could be there to nurse him as soon as it was done. She has not once pressured us to feed him solids, to supplement nursing, or to use commercial baby food or fortified cereals. The office has a lactation consultant on staff. Their website includes "Raising Baby Green" on their recommended book list. Even though these last set of growth statistics were highly unusual, our doctor, once checking for any developmental delays, encouraged us to continue raising Peter as we see fit. I wish all parents could find doctors who empowered them as ours has.


  1. You are very lucky: you have a pro-active, empowering doctor AND you have a totally cute little boy! Uh-oh, I'm probably making his head swell some more! ;-)

  2. i totally understand what you mean, especially on the nursing front. when i took david to the dr for a sick visit almost a month ago we saw a doctor other than our pediatrician and she asked me about david's eating habits and she questioned how little table food he eats and asked if we had discussed this with our regular ped. When it comes to weight and height david is the opposite of peter and i wanted to just shake this woman and ask "did you look at this child?! does he look like he's wanting for nourishment?!" thankfully our regular ped is pretty supportive of our parenting choices. we chose her specifically b/c she supports an alternate vax schedule and she's wonderful about nursing and delaying solids.

  3. @Patti: Thanks! If his head is >90%ile next visit, I'm blaming you. :-)

    @Donna: That's awesome. Hooray for good doctors!

  4. Glad ya have a good doctor too!


    and... I'm okay if his head is growing with that compliment :)