Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Pencil in an iPad World

I guess I am more atypical than I thought.

A former co-worker came over last week, bringing her 16 month-old son for a play-date with Peter. We had a good time and the boys seemed happy as well. She was surprised to learn that we use cloth diapers, but let it go with just a comment that she could not imagine doing that.

When we were having lunch, she noticed my husband putting his orange peels in a big mug next to our sink. "What do you do with the orange peels?" "Oh, we take them down to the compost pile at the end of the day." She looked at me like I must be kidding, then managed not to let her jaw drop when she saw I was serious. As she was cleaning up her son's lunch, she asked diffidently, "Do you have a garbage can?"

I told my husband later that I took pity on her and just pointed it out, rather than respond, "Yeah, but just leave the yogurt cup in the sink. I'll wash it out and take it with me on our next trip to Boston. See, there's this company that recycles #5 containers and they have collection bins in supermarkets near where my brother lives out there." For the record, I retrieved the container after she left.

She didn't even see the clothesline.

(The fence is not usually there...)


  1. such pretty fluff! now that we use cloth i can't imagine doing it any other way - did you try to tell her how easy cloth actually is?

  2. A Pencil in an iPad World ! Love it!

    You and me both, sista!
    For me, even though living naturally, eating healthfully and raising my children compassionately has become totally fulfilling, I am certainly aware that it has separated me from mainstream parents. Sometimes I actually feel really alone, even though I know I that I would never change my decisions that I've made for the benefit of my family just to 'fit in' better.

    I guess that's why I love finding like-minded mommies online!

    Freedom and Joy to you! You are such a delightful blogger and a fabulous mommy!

  3. I would not describe yourself as a pencil. I too have a reputation as being "organic" at my children's school. When you are different it does not mean that you are really that different.

  4. @Donna: Yeah, and my husband even chimed in. She didn't seem impressed. :-/

    @Patti: I definitely wish I could find more parents in the "real world" who share our family's values. In the mean time, this online community is pretty great!

    @Lisa: Thanks for the encouragement!