Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Marriage Prayer

I recently found this document again when looking through old files. It is a copy of the prayer my husband and I said at our wedding. I wrote the part in italics, my husband wrote the plain text, and we collaborated on the part in bold. We read our parts aloud, concluding in unison. When we got to the part in unison, my twin three-year-old cousins jumped to their feet and began the Pledge of Allegiance -- that's what people say when they speak in unison, right? :-)

My husband and my twin cousins (flower girl and ring bearer).
Photo credit: Eric Brophy,
Today I am one step closer to being whom you want me to be. Today I give myself to my husband and receive him in return, answering the call you have given me. Thank you for leading me through my life this far, giving me wisdom and understanding to hear you and a loving family and community to support me when I fall. I ask that you continue to increase in me the faith you put there from the beginning, that which you have been strengthening throughout my life.

Thank you for the many, incredible blessings I've had in my life - for my family and for my friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to gather in front of so many of them today to profess my love for and pledge my life to Liana. Please continue to bless me and help me to continually seek to be closer to you.

As I begin this journey of marriage, I ask your guidance and blessings for me. I pray for humility to acknowledge my own faults, to admit that I am wrong, and to let go of my stubbornness. When my pride takes over and I am convinced I know it all, I pray for at least enough self-control not to say it out loud.

I ask that you help me to have the grace to recognize my shortcomings and the strength to try and change them. That I won't rationalize away my problems and deny the ways you're calling me to follow you more closely.

I pray that my relationship with you is reflected in my relationship with [my husband]. I want to be his soul mate, to grow in love with him, to experience and live out the kindness and gentleness you give us.  Help me to be a source of inspiration to him, comfort when he is struggling, strength when he is failing, co-celebrant in the joys of life.

Please help me to show Liana even a fraction of the love that you've given to me. Help me to be what she needs and what she wants for the rest of our lives together. I pray that every embrace may be as magical as our first and that just seeing her always fills me with as much joy as it does today. Please help me to love her more perfectly as my wife and my best friend each day.

If you bless us with children, we pray that our love can model for them the goodness of God. We ask that we can raise them to have personal knowledge of you and to love you above all else.

Give us courage as we face our new life together. Help us to grow in knowledge of you and of each other. When tough times happen, send us good counsel from those who love us, from each other, and from our own hearts. Fill our home with peace and love that we may always be an example to others of your love for us. Finally, we ask that we may grow old together, developing an ever deeper love for each other and for you. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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