Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love the Public Market

We went to the public market today, which we haven't done since the fall. When we are away for so long, I forget how awesome it is! I love to be in the midst of so many people and see the mix of cultures, ages, languages, foods... it is wonderful. (I'm introverted, not isolationist. I like to be around people, I just don't want to have to socialize!) We got some good gardening advice from the vendors who sold us the plants and Peter garnered lots of smiles from his perch in the backpack carrier I was wearing.

Ladies Buying Vegetables
Image by Prato9x via Flickr

We bought a number of seedlings for our garden: Jetstar tomatoes, red onions, climbing green beans, red bell peppers, romaine lettuce, and a few flats of marigolds. I am so excited to actually get them in the ground! The high for the next two days is forecast to be in the 50s, though, with a LOT of rain, so I might nurture them inside for a bit before we plant them. We also bought some muenster cheese and fresh haddock, just because they are delicious.

We saw a lot of families with small children at the Market. I don't know how I'll handle it once Peter outgrows his carrier. I would love for him to experience the diversity of the Market and meet the people who grow his food, but it is very crowded. Have you ever left a stadium at the end of the game, when the crowd dictates where you will go? It's that crowded. If you see something interesting on the other side of the aisle, you almost need a traffic signal to get over there! I imagine it would be very stressful to keep track of a little one who wanted to see and touch everything. There were parents with strollers and wagons, but they were even more at the mercy of the crowd than I was. Certainly something to consider as Peter gets bigger.

On an unrelated but exciting note: Peter signed "fan" and "more" today! Hooray! First signs!

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