Monday, May 16, 2011

Natural Family Planning for non-Christians

Five reasons to use Natural Family Planning, even if you're not Christian!

1. It's natural (as the name suggests). No hormones, no undesired side effects, no sticking who-knows-what into yourself. Nothing to throw away. No possibility of allergens. Green living at its best!

2. It's empowering. As you learn to track your own fertility signs, you learn the rhythms of your body. You understand what is happening with your hormones and how it affects you physically and mentally. You are not the victim of some unfathomable cycle, but the witness to how awesomely your body works!

3. It's effective. When used correctly, the Sympto Thermal Method has been found to be over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. (I will throw in here that, as a Catholic, I believe pregnancy should only be avoided in grave situations, but that is ultimately between you and God.)

4. It's healthy. As you learn the rhythms of your body, you become more able to spot abnormalities. You know what should be happening and can give accurate data to your health care provider when something seems wrong.

5. It's free. Once you spring for a digital thermometer (ours was $7, I think), there is nothing else to buy! No prescriptions, no condoms, and no special NFP materials needed. There are charts you can print for free or you can use an online charting tool. Some websites will say to buy a special Basal Body Temp (BBT) thermometer, but as long as you have a digital one that gives tenths of a degree (e.g. 98.6), you're fine.


  1. Maybe this is a TMI, but since starting work at the OB-GYN clinic and learning from the midwives, I learned about the sympto-thermal method and have been using it ever since. Just as effective as birth control but almost completely free. Totally awesome. And learning about fertility = LIFE CHANGING.

    Religion aside, now that I'm studying to be a midwife, I've been teaching my friends about this too, and they've found it equally as life changing. I'm like go . . . SPREAD THE GOOD WORD! lol.

  2. Haha, thanks Laura! Glad I can join you in sharing this with the world! ;-)