Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Let the Pigeon Buy Another Book

I was given a choice of Mother's Day presents: a box of Smidgens or any Mo Willems book. Last year, the baby apparently expressed wishes in utero to buy me Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. I love the Pigeon books and now own three of them. I think Mo Willems is hilarious. I also love dark chocolate and Gertrude Hawk makes some of the best I've experienced. (Yes, it is an experience, not merely a taste.) How to decide?! And actually, my husband was willing to get me both if I was willing to approve a bigger gift expenditure than usual. :-)

After much debate, I chose the chocolate. If we want to keep our book collection under control, I can't buy every book I  want. Surely three Pigeon books is enough for any household. Right? Right. And I'm saving shelf space for Sun in Glory, which I'm getting on my next trip to the book store. Shh.

Ultimately, though, my favorite present is the happy little boy who calls me Mama (or Dada or Nana...)

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